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Sean and Julie Pope have been operating Popes Saddlery and Canvas from their Waikuku Beach home since June 2004. Qualified Master Saddlers of Great Britain Saddle Fitter

On leaving school Sean joined the British army. At this young age he was fortunate to be enlisted into the prestigious Life Guards regiment of the Queens Household Cavalry. During his time in the Mounted Regiment in London he received intensive Equestrian training and with the help of experienced military Master Saddlers he was instructed in the art of making Regimental Harnesses and fitting saddles to the highest standard.

In all his regalia Sean performed many ceremonial duties such as Trooping of the Colour, Opening of Parliament and State Visits. He also enjoyed the opportunity to tour and perform with the Regiments 'Musical Ride’ in England, and Europe.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from Canterbury University, Julie headed off to the UK on her OE, and met Sean while working in London. It was only a few years before Sean had been convinced to make the move to New Zealand.

Upon Sean's move to NZ he worked for The Last Footwear Company manufacturing high quality leather goods. However he soon returned to the equine side of his craft and worked for 5 years as saddler at McKenzie Saddlery. While at McKenzie Saddlery, Sean extended his knowledge of Saddlery and undertook saddle fitting courses. It was here that Sean extended his trade to include canvas and PVC fabrication work. The move to custom awnings, boat covers and shade sails was made easy due to the attention to detail he had developed when making Regimental regalia.

Popes Saddlery small business ethos ensures that you will receive highly personalised service. Sean will provide your quote and/or consultation and it is he who will complete the job to his high standards and your satisfaction

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