Jessica Woods

Poster Jess Woods-183Jessica Woods (Jess)

I was out for the Spring season as I was pregnant with my boy, Cooper. Cooper is now nearly 8 months old (31st October 2015).
Throughout the autumn season, I have taken my team of five horses back out competing- doing different levels from training horse trials to doing my first 3*** Eventing at Taupo 3DE in May on LV Defies Logic since coming back from being pregnant!!!
My team of competitive horses have come back to the competition scene successfully, with wins and placings
- won 2star Northland Eventing 2016
-won 2 training classes at Northland LV Balou Skye, LV Larnie.
-2nd LV Hatrick CNC 105 Central Districts
-Won LV Larnie CNC 105 Central Districts
and many more......
I could not have done this without support from NSC, they have backed myself and my team even when I was pregnant and never gave up on faith in me returning to riding. A huge thank you to the wonderful team.



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