Testimonials From Riders

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"Guardian is my secret weapon! The horses love it and it is the safest, comfiest feeling saddle I think I have ever designed. After an 8 year hiatus from riding the Guardian has helped me to feel confident enough to achieve things I never thought I would do again." - Josephine Giles Dancy, NSC Owner & Saddle Designer.
"My new Elite Pro is AMAZING!!!! Immediate improvement in my position, comfortable like an armchair and Stan is moving brilliantly. Thank you so much Alice, I can't believe how immediately my position improved. My legs so were stable and I feel like a princess"
Denise, Kerikeri
"Thank you so much Alice for your awesome service as usual. Best buying-and-maintaining-a-saddle-experience I've ever had!!! :)" 
Paula, Whangarei
"Please thank Alice for all her time last Friday, such a lovely girl that helped me find the right saddle for my horses. "
Louise, Karaka

"Thank you VERY much for that!!!  I absolutely love your saddles and so does my horse as you can see.  He is only 3.5yo but big and it fits so well.  No movement without breastplate and just right for me too -  so nice to find saddles that fit and don't give my lower back jip. I am thrilled! "
Louise, Canterbury
"Thanks so much for your time last weekend in the horrible weather rebalancing our dressage saddle. I know our mare can be very grumpy (to say the least) but we appreciate the job you both do. We are very happy with our dressage saddle, as is our horse - her results of late have been outstanding!"
Lisa, Woodhill

"Just thought I would let you know that after a few weeks in my new forward leg Advanced Competitor I have already noticed a difference - you were absolutely right about the forward leg being the one for me! Thanks for all your help."

"Thanks so much for a very efficient and great service on Sunday! Despite the horrible weather, a great outcome.
Lizzie, Albany
"Saddle is awesome. It's like riding a completely different horse! I can guarantee that I am sold on NSC products and service and will only purchase my saddlery from you in the future :)"
Denise , Kerikeri
"The saddle is great. It really makes a difference when I am jumping and I also managed to stay on a bucking bronc session the other day at woodhill sands - I think the saddle helped a lot!!"
Coral, Kaukapakapa
"We both love the saddle, it has made such a difference to our training! Shadwick’s back is looking better and better each day, he is softer, rounder and starting to achieve the beginnings of cadence in his trot work. We had a lesson with Tina last weekend – she said there was a huge difference in both horse and rider. Tina also decided (for us) that we must compete at Level 3 next season rather than Level 2, so that is really exciting!"
Rebecca,  Auckland
"After having a ride on Vanessa Way's  KH Arvan in the new NSC Elite Pro Dressage saddle I was instantly impressed with the closeness I felt to the horse. I now have KH Ambrose in one and love it! Due to the close contact and great balance of the saddle I can ride Ambrose with more subtle aids which results in the overall picture looking one of harmony and ease - our ultimate goal!!"
Abbie Deken, Taranaki
"Had a great visit from Tim.   So pleased to have my saddles fitting the horse better - which now means I can ride every day in my beloved NSC Buffalo hide dressage saddle - which I love!"
Jenny, Rotorua
"Had first lesson today in new dressage saddle, Maddies coach absolutely ecstatic about the change in the horse. Saddle is sitting perfectly, Maddie very happy with it." 
Kate, Northland
"Hi, just to let you know I am very pleased with both saddles purchased from you in the last 6 months or so. Both horses are much happier and free moving, as well as lifting their backs and working correctly"
Val, Manawatu
"Tim was awesome!  He did a lot of work to the saddle, but it is so much better!"
Melissa, Hawkes Bay
"I just wanted to tell you how much Tim has done for the reputation of your company to-day.  He completely repacked my saddle and I will be confident to continue using it until I can afford a new NSC.  The horse says thank you too...I am STUNNED at the difference!"
Robbie , Hawkes Bay
"Thanks - I was totally happy with my appointment to day with Tim- I think he will be an asset to your- already- great company to deal with."
Lynn, Kumeu
"Just wanted to thank you very much for your help on Friday.    I went for a hack on Saturday and the saddle didn’t move!!    I did a little work in the arena yesterday and he was quite happy and forward so a good sign!!   No reluctance to go forward at all!"
Ruth,  Albany
"A HUGE thank you to Josephine for fitting our new Jumping saddle today. I honestly can't thank you enough!!!! If you are thinking about changing or requiring a new saddle, don't honestly look any further than NSC. They are truly an amazing and superior saddle, I am now the very proud and also feel a very privileged owner of both a Dressage and Jumping saddle, and certainly wouldn't ride in anything but. NSC are Honest and Reliable, with no fluffy ducky talk, Just total honesty and thats what I just LOVE! I honestly just can't thank you enough.  With lots of love M and Mac xxx"
"Great news - won highest points jump cup - gone from 65cms to 1.15 oxers!  Fantastic saddle for us both - tension and muscle loss on horse's back have disappeared.  Thank you"
Gail, Hawkes Bay
"Thank you for all the magic you worked with my old saddle  and thank you for not trying to force me into a new saddle- the horse is so much better and I'm in balance.   I shall have to try and save up for one of those beautiful NSC saddles now!"
Tracey, Hamilton
"Just wanted to say that the pony is now going brilliantly - we won the Junior Dressage Title -    the pony has really turned a corner and is at last starting to work from behind! "
Lucy, Hawkes Bay


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