National Saddle Centre (NSC) saddles offer:

  • Best Quality English Leather
  • English laminated wooden spring trees
  • Flocked by hand with wool
  • Different tree profiles to suit both rider and horse
  • Choice of two stirrup bars: standard or E Bar
  • Choice of 3 rear gussets; shallow, standard or deep
  • Finance is available


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For the Dressage Rider:

  • Standard or narrow seat
  • This can only be determined by a test ride, to ensure  maximum comfort and effective riding position.

For the Jump Rider:

  • Standard or wider seat 
  • This can only be determined by a test ride, to ensure  maximum comfort and effective riding position
  • Standard or forward leg flaps
  • Dependant on preferred leg position and length of leg

For the Hunt/General Purpose Rider:

  • Standard  seat 
  • Maximum comfort and effective riding position, excellent support when longer time in the saddle is required

For the Horse:

Tree profiles:

We offer different tree profiles to suit the thoroughbred, warmblood or flat back type horse, this combined with most suitable panel and rear gusset ensures the most sympathetic distribution of the riders weight.

Modified panel:  

More support over the front third of the saddle, available in any saddle.

Appropriate for:

  • T.B Shape
  • High Withers
  • Higher behind than in front
  • On the forehand
  • Any tendency for rider to tip forwards
  • When horse is difficult to sit to

Standard panel:

Available in any saddle.

Appropriate for:

  • Well muscled back
  • Straight forward conformation and action
  • Where rider wants a closer feel to the horse

Scalloped panel:

Available with dressage saddles

Appropriate for:

  • Short back
  • Loaded Shoulder
  • Where shoulder distorts fit and destabilises saddle
  • Saddle moves forward

N.B: most often used as a Scalloped and Dropped Panel.

Rear Gussets:

Shallow, Standard or Deep. Essential to optimise balance for horse and rider.

Indication of depth of gusset:


Deep Rear Gusset:

Rear saddlecolour


Standard Rear Gusset:

Rear saddle close up  

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